~~~ Natural Therapies for You ~~~

What is YaninaYoga

It’s about Stretching

& Flowing to create and maintain   BALANCE on ALL levels of BEING

           It’s about Healing Thought Patterns

     & Releasing past trauma

~ to bring about PEACE in the Present Moment



Located in magnificent Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Australia 


~ offers regular group activities ~ including ~

Weekly Yoga  ~ Relaxation Meditation (suitable for all levels)

 BreathWorx ~8 week Breath Awareness Classes

Astrology Basics (Part 1 & 2) 

Private Rebirth/Breathwork Sessions



YaninaYoga distributes DVDs with Healing Recipies

for Health Problems such as

Anxiety, Depression, Backache & Stress.

To find out more . .visit my BLOG: http://yaninayoga.wordpress.com/ where you will discover many interesting and informative articles about Breathing Techniques, Relaxation & Meditation, Astrology, Natural Therapies, Birth Trauma, Rebirthing, Transformative Techniques, Positive Thought Processes, Ancient Wisdom & Spiritual Healing . . . .  

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