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Satisfied Clients


Many satisfied Clients are 'out there' happily enjoying Life. Here are a few testimonials (Thank you to all who have contributed here - I feel honoured to have been of service to you)

 "Janina is an amazing therapist in various approaches to the betterment of mind, body and soul. I have always been nervous about massages as I feel people can be a little too vigorous in their practice but Janina put me completely at ease with her thoughtful and gentle approach, creating a great experience tailored to my needs. I would highly recommend her to clients looking for a positive holistic practitioner."   Sarah O'Brien 16-6-15

Janina just seems to intuitively  know exactly where my tight spots are. Her technique is just perfect using flowing deep pressure movements that instantly release tension, tightness and painful aches. I feel alive and can breathe again ready to face my busy schedule after a visit to Janina.    ...Angela Currumbin 8/5/15

Janina has been my massage therapist for more than 9 years.  I see her every month as a vital component of my health care as I work at a desk all day in a stressful job.  After a session with Janina my muscles are totally relaxed and I feel completely renewed in mind, body and spirit.  Janina is a very intuitive healer and instantly knows the parts of my body that are causing me trouble.  I have had massages with other therapists, and also overseas, and nothing compares to the skill and technique Janina uses – she is truly a gift!  I highly recommend Janina’s services.

Jasmin H, Gold Coast 17.6.11


I joined a yoga class run by Janina some years ago. Due to a number of age-related physical limitations, going to a gym was unsuitable to me.  I found the type and variety of exercises and breathing practices offered were perfect for my situation, together with meditation at the close of class. The classes were small, intimate groups, affording me individual attention when needed. I benefited greatly from my time in class. I would highly recommend her yoga classes to anyone.

 Judy   (65 years young)                                            12 September 2009


Some time ago, I was experiencing high levels of anxiety due to my work situation. This affected my time both at work and away from work. During private sessions with Janina we explored the causes behind this. Breathing techniques, along with coping mechanism skills, were given to me to practice. The results were instantaneous and the techniques and skills learned have continued to assist me since. 

Judy   (65 years young)                                             12 September 2009

Healing Thoughts & Images

As I Relax & Flow with Life  - I Know am Healed -
for dis-ease cannot survive in a body that is relaxed

Universal Intelligence Ebbs & Flows thru Me & with Me -

 LIFE Supports Me & Nutures Me - NOW & Always - I AM SAFE - I AM HEALED!





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