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Rates & Services

Weekly Yoga Relaxation Meditation - $12 casual / $35 per month

week BreathWorx - Breath Awareness Classes $240 All inclusive

Private Rebirth Sessions ( Available in blocks of 3)  - $180 per Session  

Astrology Readings - Natal Chart / Solar Return / Compatibility

                                        - $180 Full Natal Reading/ or $65 per hour

Regular Therapeutic Massage is the perfect way to give yourself Optimum Preventative Health Care, especially when combined with regular exercise and healthy diet... $75ph... ... another option add a 30min Energy Balancing/Harmonic Healing ... $120 (90min total)

Energy Balancing/Harmonic Healing Session ...45min ...$45

For many of us who know from experience the unique value of regular Therapeutic Massage . . . . here is an opportunity to share the benefits with friends, family & colleagues . . . For those yet to Enjoy a Healing Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage with janina Imagine this .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
You arrive to a very welcoming environment - an established Healing Room amongst the birds & trees, away from the hustle bustle & noise. The lighting is soft; there is an aroma of essential oils combined with natural fresh air flowing thru the room. The relaxing music is softly playing in the background while you get comfortable on the massage table.

As the massage begins, janina asks for any medical history, persistent ailments or pain conditions. While gentle strokes begin to relax the top layers of stress from your body, janina explains that her Therapeutic Massage will not include major discomfort. Her approach is more about gently creating an environment where the body naturally relaxes rather than being pummelled.
With the aid of a sequence of carefully combined movements your nerves, muscles and whole body begin to unwind. Fatigue begins to melt away, your breathing becomes fuller and deeper as you notice yourself relaxing more & more. Some of the many benefits to the body of a good Therapeutic Massage by an Experienced Trained Professional include - Lymphatic System is drained of toxins & blockages; Blood Circulation is stimulated throughout the entire system feeding nutrients to muscles, joints & organs; Muscle Tone is improved and lactic acid build-up is reduced aiding recovery from injury; Kidneys aided in removal of waste products; Inflammation & Swelling in Joints is reduced; and . . . . . . . 
Most Importantly - you feel Relaxed.
The finishing stages of your massage will include some gentle Neck Stretches, a Face Massage, some Scalp Massage, and plenty of time to relax and 'float with the music' before heading off into the world feeling Vibrant, Rejuvenated & Peaceful.

Regular Therapeutic Massage is the perfect way to give yourself Optimum Preventative Health Care, especially when combined with regular exercise and healthy diet. Price - $75 per hour


Welcome Ladies ...

... to a RELAXING RE-ENERGISING RETREAT from your everyday activities

Here is your Unique Chance to enjoy some Pampering & Healing at this ‘MiniDaySpa’ in the company of other Beautiful Women.
ENJOY . . Reflexology, Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation, Astrology, Wholesome Food, Massage, Empowering Processes & Playful Insights that Nurture and Uplift your Body/Mind/Soul

Do you find yourself feeling tired, rundown, fatigued, in pain, ‘left-behind’ or anxious & ‘lost’?
Do you often dream of ‘putting your feet up’ & being pampered for a change?
It is common for today’s modern woman to be under huge pressure ~ to perform in the workplace, maintain a ‘perfect’ home, cater to the needs of children, as well as be available & loving towards her partner/husband. As we know from experience, a woman can do many things at once (successfully) yet often we the one thing we overlook – is to pamper ourselves.
Now there is an affordable way to pamper yourself . . . . . . .

Phone Janina 07 55256 882 to reserve your place
BOOKING ESSENTIAL ~ maximum 12 participants REGULAR FEE/ INVESTMENT~ Full Day $125 . . . Half Day $65
SAVE $40 off Full Day when You Book & Prepay/or Bring a Friend

 Astrology Classes - Astrology Basics Pt 1 - 6 weeks - $180 All inclusive

Astrology Classes - Welcome to a 6 week journey into understanding the ancient wisdom of Astrology. This language of symbols will bring you great insight when applied to your Personal Life ~ health/relationships/work/play

Week 1 - Natal Chart, Elements, Signs, Planets

Week 2 - Basic Chart layout & dynamics

Week 3 - Ascendant/Descendant Axis

Week 4 - Sun Symbology

Week 5 - Moon Symbology

Week 6 - Primary Elements Consolidated

Designed as an understandable introduction to a complex topic, this part 1 prepares you for Astrology Basics pt 2 & further study if you choose..


Classes Starting Soon ....


Ask yourself –

How am I feeling RIGHT NOW? Is there any pain/discomfort in my body? Are there situations in my life that are causing me stress? Are all my relationships harmonious? Where am I going in life? What are my fears, hopes or dreams?

As our world gets more & more complicated the breath is the MOST powerful healing/regenerative tool we have, especially when combined with the concept that ‘All Thought is Creative’. For many of us the 52,000 breaths we take each day are totally unconscious – this 8week journey: BreathWorx will give you the awareness & tools to begin to breathe consciously AND to begin to take your life in the direction you choose.

Our breath links us to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING = the world around us, both our inner and outer reality, each other, nature, God/The Universe/Spiritual Concepts. Our breath is also the connector between our mind/body/soul awareness, the carrier of Life-Force to the whole body, the ultimate detox tool and healing agent.

During the BreathWorx journey you will be gently supported as you gain familiarity and ease with the methods offered. Some of the topics we will explore will include - Breathing Techniques, Astrology, Meditation Techniques, All Thought is Creative = mind/body links, Quantum Physics and lots more.

... There is a place for you in this 8 week Breath Awareness Class which is designed to give you access to a wide variety of practical & powerful healing tools in a safe nurturing environment. Your participation will bring you into greater levels of health, wealth, joy, aliveness, abundance, self-esteem, self-awareness & personal power, and improved breathing capacity. Here is a more detailed outline of what to expect from BreathWorx ~

Week 1 Breath = Life This week will begin with a basic breathing practice, followed by introductions; setting up of group agreements/guidelines and stating intentions. Then the relationships between our breath and life-force will be explored using a gentle guided meditation. There will be lots of opportunity for note taking & personal reflection, and sharing if desired.

Week 2 Body Basics This week we explore our various body symptoms while learning about the metaphysical relationships taught by Louise Hay and others, including self-acceptance. There will be some gently stretching and movement, along with more breathing techniques & releasing strategies.

Week 3 Birth & Relationships This week the focus is on our ‘birth script’ (or as much as we know of it) - we will begin to notice the links between our birth and the way we relate to others; and how there are always many different possibilities in any given situation.

Week 4 Planning Goals This week will be a fun evening as we discover our true hopes and dreams and begin to setup the goals we choose in our future.

Week 5 Prosperity & Abundance This important week will give each participant the ability to recognise and rectify any financial issues at the cause. To do this we implement a unique technique that helps you explore the hidden blocks to your abundance.

Week 6 Personal Lie/Rebirth This week we continue to build our confidence with the breath as a powerful and safe healing tool. We also access the thought pattern (often originating at birth) that is called ‘the personal lie’ so that the truth of our innocence and safety can be realised.

Week 7 Forgiveness/Rebirth This week is another opportunity to practice CCB (conscious connected breathing); and to access the magic of forgiveness.

Week 8 Astrology/Treasure Maps As the  week in our journey together we will create another fun evening of creative visualisation/putting images to our 101 things we wish to have, do or be. This evening will also consult the ancient wisdom of astrology for guidance/information/insight.

Related Services - Therapeutic Health Massage Regular Therapeutic Massage is the perfect way to give yourself Optimum Preventative Health Care, especially when combined with regular exercise and healthy diet... .... $75ph

Energy Balancing/Harmonic Healing Session ...45min ...$45

.. .. .. .. .. .. 

Healing DVDs $25 each + Postage & Handling (Available  real soon!!)

ME Womens Empowerment Workshops (register your interest)

Past Life Regression Workshops (register your interest)

Remembering & Understanding Your Dreams (register your interest)

Menopause Made Easy (register your interest)

Other Services By Appointment Only -

~Astrology Consultations ~ Natal Chart Reading  ~ Spiritual Counselling ~ Event Charts ~ Compatibility Consultations ~ Solar Return Charts ~ Relaxation Classes ~ Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage ~ Reflexology ~ Energy Balancing Harmonic Healing ~

What should I do if interested in any of these services or in need of more information??

Email   yaninayoga@gmail.com

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