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About Me

Yanina Yoga is a unique blend of wisdom gained over 25+years of working & growing as a Natural Health Practictioner.

 These concepts have evolved by personal practice and commitment to the principal that 'All Thought is Creative' & that I am/We are all uniquely connected with    'All That Is'/ 'Infinite Wisdom'/'Infinite Intelligence'/'Infinite Abundance'

My passion is to Empower Individuals towards increased levels of Joy, Flexibility, Self-Awareness, Creativity, Self-Acceptance & Love ; while gently Supporting the Release of unwanted trauma, pain & dis-ease.

'My Qualifications & Experience include :-

Yogi since 1988, Yoga Teacher/Facilitator - 1994, Professional Rebirther (facilitating individual sessions + group trainings)since 1990, Dip Therapeutic Massage(practicing Deep Tissue Massage Therapist singe1989), Reflexology Level 1 - 1990, Practicing Astrologer with Cert. Astrology - 1997 & Dip. Transpersonal Astrology - 1998. I have owned & managed Xanadu Healing Centre, participated in many Personal Growth Seminars (LRT, Silva Mind Techniques, Personology etc etc), and Walked on Fire - 1990!

"I began my journey into Natural Healing during a very traumatic time in my life (Saturn Return); and being a Sun in Sagittarius with Scorpio Moon & Gemini Ascendent

- it is in my nature to explore deeply, to gain knowledge & to delight in sharing information that's useful"

Along with my numerious qualifications in 

 I also hold a

 Bachelor of Social Science (majors: Sociology, Human Relations & Communication) with          Southern Cross University

 To email me, use this address = yaninayoga@gmail.com


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